Sunday, October 19, 2008

HINDRAF once again!

This is about the protest which HINDRAF did on 1st OCT 2008 in the Prime Minister's Open House. Most of those who i talked to said what they did was wrong, made a fool out of themselves,you don't go attacking people on their celebration day and all but what I saw was a little different. So what do you all think?

We cant jump sides or come to conclusion what happen in the open house.
Simple question, are we in the same situation as they are? What would we do if our loved ones are taken away like them? Hell, we don't really know if the Hindraf 5 are still alive.

I think that if my dad or mom or brother was taken like them, who cares about celebration!
And yeah what did the hindraf people did was wrong, but to what extend? Even we might do it under circumstances, so there is absolutely no point to say its wrong,

Anyway what really happen there? Anyone knows? I not talking about where you heard it from and other secondary source. Anyone who was there or maybe got the video clip of the whole incident of the Hari Raya Open House.

Honestly going there to beg them under the word called "protest" was desperate and I understand to a certain level but asking the PM to maafkan the Hindraf 5 and the release them sempena Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dna Batin?

What the hell? You people stupid or what? And what is up with the statment kita maafkan Perdana Menteri? Did the PM ask for forgiveness for you all to forgive? Did the Hindraf 5 who I don't even know if they are alive, forgives the PM?

And yeah I don't support and care about Hindraf at all since they were famous. Once upon a time they were all about fighting for the Indians, now its getting rid of BN and we want our 5 friends back!

For those who supported HINDRAF and thought that they were up to save the Indian, so sorry but they were just our to save themselves,friends and yeah they are just another upcoming UMNO/BN reincarnation.

Is this ture!?

Sarawak Headhunter declared the Barisan Nasional (BN) an illegal organisation.

In a statement to Cyber Jungle News today, Sarawak Headhunter said that the facts and evidence showed that the government was, and is, being used by the BN in a manner detrimental to public order and national security.

Labelled a threat to national security, the BN has been banned by Sarawak Headhunter, home minister of the pro-team government of the Republic of Sarawak (ROS).

He issued a statement yesterday declaring BN, which has been advocating racial and racist agendas since its inception, an illegal organisation. The declaration, he said, was a result of monitoring and investigations by the ROS going back to the formation of BN.

‘As a result of the investigations, the home ministry, as per its authority under sections 35 and 55 of the People's Government Reform Act 2008, has declared BN unlawful and detrimental to the peace, public order, political, economic and social security and the moral values of Malaysia,’ he said in the statement.

‘I feel that if we don't rein in their activities, they will continue to jeopardise security and public order, and our country's sovereignty, as well as upset the harmony among races.’

Sarawak Headhunter said the decision to ban the movement was not made based on only one or two misdemeanours committed by BN, but covered the entire gamut of activities the group had been involved since its organisation.

‘These included subversion of the economic policies of the government, thereby causing losses of hundreds of billions of ringgit, economic injustice and instability, subversion of the judiciary, large-scale electoral fraud, including but not limited to vote-buying and ballot-box tampering, gerrymandering and general abuse and manipulation of electoral, legislative and administrative process.

‘They have also committed corruption, favouritism, nepotism, cronyism, abuse of power and position, misuse of government machinery, abuse of the law, waste, mismanagement, mis-allocation or wrongful allocation of resources, racial and racist agendas and policies, exclusion and marginalisation of entire communities, discrimination and improper control and manipulation of the mass media.

‘There is also their registration of illegal immigrants as citizens, coercion, pressure, force, threat and intimidation of the public through illegal police action, conflicts of interest, breaches of trust and much more.’

‘They exploited all manner of racial issues to remain in power and which caused an uprising by the people and created disharmony between them and all races.’

He added that BN had tried all ways and means, illegal, dirty and underhanded, to support their attempts to get the people to bow to their demands, actions which have tarnished the country's image.

‘Considering all the facts and evidence we have, I am satisfied that BN was and is being used in a manner detrimental to public order and national security and the well-being of the nation.’

‘We advise the public not to involve themselves in any way with the activities of this unlawful organisation.’

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It is worth building?

First of all Selamat Hari Raya. Hope that all of you have a safe journey back and come back safely. I don't know when I am going back but it might be soon.

I am thinking why does the Sarawak state need so many hydro power dam. The latest, Murum dam project is about 3 billion, started a few days back. But there is another mega-dam project in Sarawak located in the central, Bakun which costs over 800 million. I do understand that all this are being done for the greater benefit of the people's in Sarawak.

But have to remember that some places are the Sarawak native people's village. Why can't there be a few dams which will supply the power and what power are we talking about? Electricity for the people? or to generate power to store in Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB)? These are some of the questions that the government should make clear and as far as I'm concern I'm worried about the people living in the village. If lets say, the government wants to improve their living style, the people have to obey. Don't tell me government wants to provide proper home, facilities and all but have to develop the place, I don't see the harm of cooperating.

Over the next decade there is about 12 dam project in Sarawak alone. I am very sure that alot of native people's home has to be sacrificed but why so many dam's ? Most of the Sarawak is still covered by forest the power which is to be created is for who? Raymond Abin of the Borneo Resource Institute (Brimas) said , for energy needs in Sarawak, we don't need the Murum, because Bakun is more than enough to supply the state's needs.

Penan people are likely to be effected and I really think that building quite a number of dam's means that the will be a major loss of flora and fauna and loads more. I do understand we have to sacrifice something in order to get something better but, we can avoid making unnecessary sacrifice which will in the short term lower down the cost of spending, save the native people's culture and give them a life and in the long run there will be still flora and fauna where the new generation can experience so that they too can have a chance.

hydropower projects in sarawak 2008 2020 murum