Monday, June 22, 2009

Internal Security Act !

I think the ISA should be in Malaysia. What is wrong with it? I don’t see anything wrong in having the act. The security act is just being misused by the government; you people are going after the wrong thing. Even without ISA there are many loop holes where certain politician will use other force to get what they want. Think rationally before doing something! Because of you "smart" people we others have to go with the flow even if we don’t really want to.

I do understand why you all want to get rid of the act, but to me I don’t think wanting to abolish it will do any good but it will make things worse. Be prepared to see more deaths under police custody and be prepared to get more missing people. All this could happen. I think its about time to think more rationally before doing something.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quality of Language

Here we go again on having a say students do not need to pass their English papers in school exams. Arguments given saying English is not a compulsory subject to pass. I have to disagree. I know people love to speak in their mother tongue, don't say no, but try to digest this.

How many ppl in the world is familiar with ur mother tongue? How far can u go by talking and learning in ur mother tongue?

Not too far. If you are Malay, u probably may survive in Indonesia unless u speak Arabic languages. Chinese people, I have no idea, but I know China people hate you speaking mandarin or as matter of fact any other dialect, Taiwan perhaps, Hong Kong maybe. As for Indians, India is the only place where they can communicate with their mother tongue.

School is the beginning where a child learns language and knows how to use the language for other subjects. The proper foundation of language learning is very important as later on student are the next generation leaders of this nation.

If they can’t even pass a English paper in the school level, how do we expect them to be able to use the language to communicate with other country leaders or as matter of fact doing business with others. Like it or not English has been a very useful language and has evolved a lot. English is widely spoken. 

I hate to say this but in Malaysia people are racist because they tend to think for themselves and for their own kind. They are willing to destroy the future of the students who have the possibility to lead the nation, then to make them better by learning and excel in English.

This is similar to the teaching of Math’s and Science in English, claiming that it should be stopped and teach it back in Malay. Once again, destroying the future of the nation but will be claiming that we will do whatever it takes to make our nation’s future leaders(students) excel in studies. 

Why say that? After all, changing it back would only make things worse. Well, Ego people and racist people are just saying BM is our language, BM is our blood. It’s a trend now for certain groups to use race and religion to gain support to go against something. These groups are made out of stupid and ignorance people and they live in their own cubical where everything is about them. There must not be room for other.

I really hope that the teaching of Math’s and Science stays on as it is be progress to having a better nation where students will be better in speaking and thinking. I just don’t get it on why BM,BM,BM .

Does Harvard use BM to teach Actuarial Science? I don’t think so. UITM uses BM to teach engineering students. I dont know now but back a few years it was in BM. Information technology courses was also in BM. How do they want to get a job and get higher education if they don’t understand in English? U tells me, Would u have ur son/daughter to learn in UITM and get a job locally or would u prefer them to get a quality education which uses International language?