Monday, August 25, 2008

All about Permatang Pauh

Tomorrow is Pematang Pauh by-election.
Its a three way battle.
For PKR candidate and the individual candidate went promoting themselves.
BN candidate, Datuk Arif Shah Omar went rounds also to get vote.This was what he did? Honestly I don't know what did the other 2 candidates did because there was no media coverage.

Anyway back to Arif Shah. I have not seen a candidate gets back up from the top BN leaders. Man, let Arif have his say lah. All Najib, Pak lah, Ezam want to speak when will he get the chance to speak. How will he get votes. All this while nobody cares about Permatang Pauh because its a strong place for PKR, but now you all can see in our media, MAIN STREAM media. Its a abit funny.

Other leaders of BN are making all sorts of promises. What if Datuk Arif wins and says that all the promises are said by other BN leaders I will talk to them to get works done. Its possible. I'm just throwing out my thoughts. Another thing is that:

Ezam, there is nothing much to say about him because every member has his and her rights towards their respective parties so if anyone wants to leave the party, the other have to respect, but what Ezam did was against ethics. Ethics to me is, you don't bring out personal stuff ok. Keep it professional always, you all are working, therefore personal stuff should not clash.

But what I want to share with all is that, in "The SUN" today there was a news saying Ezam reveals Death Threats.
It seems that he has been getting threats via sms and says he is not scared. First of all. If your not scared, why are you telling you are telling so that you will be protected. Pandai main Psychology lah lu. What is this? Is there prove that he got threats. If yes nab the person who sent the message.Than you have a point. Even Ezam could have bought a sim card and send sms to his another public know number.

And yeah,the sms threat is an old move to get the voters attention, get a new trick.

All the best for all candidates may the best and rakyat candidate wins.

Friday, August 22, 2008

PM respects ACA

Our Pm hails on the efficiency of the ACA in detaining the 2 Pakatan Rakyat Exco Members. He said ACA is very productive now, good job shows that the ACA is on track. Bla Bla Bla.

I just want to say ACA also had a complaints on you Mr. PM and also the DPM. Hahahaha.
So if I were you I would try to clean up my mess and try to keep a low profile. It wont take long for the ACA to nab both due to the large number of complaints.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Al -Quran Swearing

Saiful Bukhari!

"With this, I swore in the name of Allah at the Federal Territory Mosque this evening in accordance to the teachings of Islam and as advised by religious scholars and teachers that I was sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim." Malaysiakini, 15, August 2008.

Dude, I think you are a gay! You know why. Cause you are gay! Ahahaha.
Who thought you all to swear on your religious books. Just because "Allah" will punish you after life you dare to this. Religious books are for learning the culture and belief's not a tool to swear and to prove your masculine. the quote u gave says "Islam Teaching".

What do Islam teaching says, use me to swear and to get out of trouble, or does it teach to be "gay". Even if Anwar had sodomized you, u claimed that he did it like many time even in overseas. You did not complain back then, so i suppose you pun suka ke, gay lah tu! So how can you say u follow "Islam Teaching". I respect the different belief's in god and I think using god to prove you is a "silly"act. Lets say in a court, what do you want to say, "Yang Arif. Tuhan adalah saksi saya stas kes ini" Hahaha. So what you wanna call god to testify?

Anyway I think that using a religious book on any issue is morally wrong. Have your say...

Monday, August 11, 2008

You spend, you pay!

"In the March 2004 general election, Umno received campaign paraphernalia worth hundreds of millions ringgit including posters, badges, banners and caps, which it had refused to pay." In the suit, which was initiated by Elegant Advisory in June this year, the company has claimed a sum of RM218,013,475 as compensation from Umno for the supply of the election campaign materials. (

Hahaha. I could not help myself from laughing. Why would you all want to spend so much for just 2004 elections. Have you all heard of a word called "recycle". Pleaselah, orang lain pun nak cari makan. Do not tend to fool the citizens, why didnt the party pay? No money or thought that there might be some fools who would work for charity. I believe this is where Money politics in the government comes in. Its quite funny because engineering project dealer UEM builders tend to get paid very fast upon handling the government projects but why its not the same here.

I wonder? See now no money to pay them back. Whose money are you all going to take and pay. OUR MONEY!! Sorry we the citizens didn't ask you to print badges, water bottles, flags, banners and etc. So what is the rational way to pay them back? All member in the party involved should give up their salary for 1 or 2 months to cover it. Suffer what we the citizens suffer. Its not like you all go to the mamak and just have a Roti canai and teh Tarik for breakfast or perhaps lunch.

We do!! So pay them back using your own money. Do not release statements saying that the government is having financial cirsis bla bla bla bla. If i do remember, a minister said that Malaysia will not expect an inflation. Guess Who? So pandai-pandai lah you orang manage...

"I am stating that the defendant, Umno, is not a party which contested in the 11th General Election but it was BN, another registered body," said Abdul Azim. According to Abdul Azim, the 2005 case was settled out of court. (

Hello we don't care which party did it. Personally UMNO ke BN ke all same. Lets keep it simple, "Ruling Party" BN is made up of components like UMNO am I correct? Anyway these was in kelantan, so in Kelantan BN candidate was from UMNO and can you see the link now. So do not point on others.

What do you mean settle out of court ? Is it in other words "bribe" to shut others up. What are the reason's for a court and judge and lawyers if a problem can be settle out of court. Are we like saving on judge and lawyer fee. From now on lets settle all cases out of court. Make the court as a museum. Seeing it now, the Altantulaya's case should not have taken this long. Why don't they settle it out of the court. Do you get the picture....

Friday, August 8, 2008

Such mix of thoughts

It has been quite some time since I wrote blog. Man updating is a real "pain in the ass". Anyway there has been alot of things that I want to speak about. My daily life, what have I encountered in the past few weeks. There was my birthday function, the issues in our political views, something about TV 3 programme and also what the heck went on yesterday 7/08/08.

Hahahaha I think I have to write like 3 different posts so this post is just like a introduction post. We all are so used to write introduction that we find it hard to write on something without an Introduction. So people please be sure to drop by and read the posts that I have posted. A few days ago I went to this place near my house and I cant remember where it was but I can remember I had this sense of "Deja Vu". That was not only the first time, that day during Ms. Angie class I had this sense that I was there and the comments given by my classmates sounded like i was there before.

Another time was when my lap top charger blew off. I went to this shop in Carefour Wangsa Maju to purchase a new one but the situation in the shop looks similar the to the one that I went in "Low Yat". Honestly I don't really know if I was dreaming about it or what but sincerely my mind related it and I must say it is a very spooky feeling. I didn't think about it much but upon writing this post I believe that I will not be able to sleep tonight. Lately I had been have some silly dreams as well. First was I dream about PKR Advisor Anwar Ibrahim got arrested for sodomy and was produced in court. Can you believe it? Me dreaming about politics? Man, Why cant I have normal dreams of pretty girls, clubbing, and stuff normal people do.

That was not only the time, the following next 3 days I had various dreams and all related to politics. Please help me! I desperately need a source of entertainment. There is a limit and clearly the only thing that runs through my mind is POLITICS. There were a few dreams about girls before my political dreams but that is irrelevant. Hahaha. Secrets are secrets. Ok. Back to my topic. I cant stop thinking of what I have gone through. I really think if I were not able to get into the politics I might commit suicide. Yeah Right!

Forget about my dreams and all. After my birthday that day, I had undergone process of too much thinking. Its like this. I prefer to show my masculine figure to other so that I will be looks up in the society. I have been brought up in a family where you do most of the things yourself. Does not matter how old are you, you want something do it yourself. Military house what, what to expect.

But I have to thank my folks because I believe that I have a high moral value and ways to live my life. There are mistakes that my parents and as well as other parents have done during their younger days and I am trying to stay away form all that. I have my dark side during my younger days but changing dy. People's attitude also can evolve. Hahaha.

Anyway, the thing that I wanted to say is, I tend to get too much attention. Is this a bad thing or good? Depends how you look at it. I have a laptop with Internet access, an apple, a watch I got for my birthday, stylish wallet, cool shoes and the I kind of like get to use the phones that I like, thanks to my Aunt. I mean she sees me as her own children and it would be a pity if I don't stand up to her expectations. I cant possibly let her, my mom who spent like RM 2,000 for my Birthday Function( but I don't know who paid really, mom or aunt, Who cares anyway its just either or) and my dad. For 21 years I didn't get any ting form my father. He got me a Digital Camera for my 21st birthday.

I was treated very badly since small but now he sees me as very much different. Why is that? It is because I'm studying now in the University, or I someone in the society. My are all parents like this ? When your child does not perform well you all will express all you regrets upon us but as the time goes and we perform well either in studies of life you all tend to say just because i push you during small that's why you all become like this. Hahaha. Too much thinking ready.

I do get that the parents intentions are good but the way that they show is wrong totally wrong. That's why there are miss understanding in the family and parents end up being treated badly by their own kids. Well I have too much stuff with me. I'm quite unhappy that I have so much and there are those who have so little and supposed to get better. I see my self as a child who gets everything without asking and what I have to do in return. "STUDY" is that so hard for me , that is the only thing that we are required to do and must do as in return.

But what if I fail? Then there is no point for me being a human at all. I hate the fact that some of the ones I know call me rich kid, gadget man and other shit names. Its not like they cant effort it or what. So why say that kind of names, just to irritate others ah! Please I beg you all do not assume cause you are not even allowed to assume such things. Some are not as you think they are, they don't show off or what. They get it that's all. So I have to make sure that I make it or else i really don't know what kind of human am I . Well said....